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David Ferrie: Mafia Pilot -- a New Book from Trine Day Publishers

The talented Joe Pesci was praised for his role in playing the enigmatic and mysterious David Ferrie in the blockbuster film JFK, directed by Oliver Stone.  Here's a scene from the film:
Joe Pesci played a convincing "David Ferrie"
For the 51st anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, Trine Day Publishing  premiered Judyth Vary Baker's second book in New Orleans: David Ferrie: Mafia Pilot, Participant in Anti-Castro Bioweapon Plot, Friend of Lee Harvey Oswald, and Key to the JFK Assassination.  The foreword was written by Jesse Ventura, who had been looking into Judyth's statements and testimony concerning Lee Harvey Oswald's innocence, beginning with her 2010 book Me & Lee: How I Came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald, also by Trine Day.  By 2012, they met for the first time; Jesse has since joined Judyth at two press conferences and at conferences and investigative meetings in Washington, DC, Minnesota and Chicago. 
   "I was very impressed with The Governor," Judyth says. "In Chicago, at the Drake Hotel, we were the only ones who didn't order an alcoholic beverage at our table.  Jesse was chewing on an unlit cigar: he'd given up smoking, too. In September, 2014, Jesse gave up drinking even fruit juice to keep lean and trim. That's will power. He told me he didn't run for governor a second time because he didn't accept bribes. He has a beautiful wife: we finally met in 2014.  They make a terrific couple: honest, vibrant, dedicated to our country's founding principles."
This is my rendition of Dave from one of his photographs. His eyes 'bug out' (exophthalmia) due to his ingesting too much Proloid, a thyroid hormone medication. Too much of it can kill you (read the book to understand why Proloid it may have been used as a murder weapon to kill Dave. Be aware that i's not true that it would take many hours for Proloid to have an effect.  "I once accidentslly overdosed on a similar medication," Judyth says, "as I have hypothyroidism, just as Dave did. I'd had a head injury and had a severe short term memory problem. I accidentally took six pills instead of just two, and within an hour my heart was beating so fast I was afraid I'd have to go to the hospital."  Dave had filled a prescription for 100 Proloid pills the day before his death at a pharmacy. The bottle on the day he died had only 7 pills in it: 93 were missing.

David Ferrie in his Eastern Air Lines cap (two words for 'Air Lines'-that was the official name).
He suffered from alopecia -- extensively--the hair being absent from his body and almost all of his head as well. He wore home-made eyebrows and reddish homemade, atrocious wigs.  After losing his job as a pilot with Eastern due to morality charges with a 15 year old boy, Dave tried hard to get his job back.  Eventually, he became a pilot working for the godfather, Carlos Marcello, and Marcello's brothers. Dave also worked with the racist, Red Raider FBI former Chicago chief, Guy Banister.
 "I knew Dave personally," Judyth says. "I had wanted to become a nun, he had wanted to become a priest. I was a cancer researcher: he was remarkably skilled in handling cancer experiments in his own apartment. Our mutual friend, Dr. Mary Sherman, was murdered the day the Warren Commission came to New Orleans. I am certain that she would have revealed many things. Instead, she was headline news. Her horribly mutilated body was a warning to everyone to avoid testifying at all costs. Only shills such as Dean Andrews stepped forward. By that time, Guy Banister had also been murdered -- and his partner and pilot, Hugh Ward, was also killed.  Dave saved my life, or I would not be speaking to everyone today about Lee Oswald's innocence and the fact that Dave was trusted by JFK's enemies --they didn't know that Dave, in the end, had merely posed as hating Kennedy. In this manner, Dave was able to obtain information about the assassination plots.  Of course, he knew if he was ever closely investigated again (there had been sharp FBI interest in November, 1963), he would likely be killed. Only five days after his name got into the papers as the primary witness in Jim Garrison's epic investigation, Dave, who had insisted that he was in danger of getting murdered, was found dead "of natural causes."  He was only 48. Before the Coroner (Nick Chetta) who made that announcement could testify at Garrison's trial of Clay Shaw, he, too, died "of natural causes" -- while his brother-in-law was shot dead. The full story, along with hundreds of files, photos, documents and quotes to back it up, is in the book David Ferrie: Mafia Pilot. It is the first book about David Ferrie, over 500 pages long, with everything you'll ever need to know about this incredible, terrifying, fascinating man."


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